We are pleased to announce a new book by David Feehan, Drew McLellan, Sheila Grant and Carol Becker entitled Design Downtown for Women – Men Will Follow. David Feehan and his fellow authors bring many decades of experience to this topic and we can’t wait to order this publication and give it read over a good cup of coffee.  The authors posit a question we should all be asking, if women control 80% of retail spending decisions shouldn’t we be designing downtown environments to meet their needs? I’m curious to see how this book compares to Paco Underhill’s What Women Want: The Science of Female Shopping which also explored the topic of female spending power. I’m eager to see an exploration of the needs of women from all backgrounds, as well as a clear action plan for urban place practitioners to use in their downtown improvement efforts.


Design Downtown For Women (Men Will Follow)

Downtown is the heart and soul of every city. Yet, despite improving conditions in many cities, downtowns have failed to achieve their full potential. Why? This book argues persuasively that those who are responsible for the design of the downtown experience have failed to understand the needs and desires of their most important demographic – women. Here is an opportunity for those who plan, design, construct and manage downtowns and business districts to learn from experts in the field – to look at downtowns through fresh eyes, through the eyes of women, and understand what makes so many downtowns dull and unappealing to more than half of our population.

This is not about painting the bathrooms pink, although color is important. This is about changing the way architects, urban planners, developers, brokers, lenders and in particular, downtown managers design an experience that serves the needs of a group of users who make more than 80% of retail decisions and residential decisions, and who are increasingly well-educated and wealthy. This is about attracting entrepreneurs, shoppers, visitors and residents to a place that is truly clean, safe, attractive, friendly, and exciting. This book can change the way we think about our most vital asset – our downtowns.

Available for purchase on Amazon here.