There’s a Missing Middle for Commercial Spaces, Too

Housing in America often lacks “middle housing” — courtyard apartment, townhouse, live/work spaces, etc. This article provides a comparison snapshot of the “missing middle” in commercial spaces as well.

The 2018 Retail Apocalypse, in 6 Charts and a Map

This CityLab piece elaborates on the continued retail debate — are we slipping into a mega retail apocalypse or is brick-and-mortar retail still a-ok? Includes a chart illustrating online resistant product categories.

5 retail technology trends to watch in 2019

Technology continues to advance — however many of these retail technology trends are iterations of earlier trends that continue into 2019.

4 retail trends that need to die in 2019

On the opposite end, this article charts retail trends that were overdone and overworked in 2018 and should give it a rest in 2019.