We partner with graphic designers to develop compelling marketing material that tells a district’s story and communicates its strengths and economic opportunities. Our designers understand how to communicate a vision to retailers by developing creative messages and formats. Every commercial district is unique, so the marketing materials we create will be too. The following are some examples of retail attraction materials we have created recently. Click on the images to view larger versions.


CLient: westchester square business improvement district

Location: East Bronx, NY
Westchester Square, Morris Park and Throggs Neck are all dynamic neighborhoods with retail opportunities. However, the communities did not have marketing material to succinctly communicate these opportunities within the real estate community.  We developed two-page market profiles that differentiated each district, defined a strategic position for marketing, and provided current demographic and market data to help provide local businesses, investors and residents with critical information necessary to help inform investment decisions.


Client: Steinway Astoria Partnership

Location: Astoria, Queens, NY
Marketing materials were designed to tell a story of a dynamic neighborhood undergoing significant demographic and cultural shifts. They serve to attract clothing and accessory retailers and restaurants and bars that meet the needs of young, diverse singles with moderate but rising incomes that prefer trendy goods and unique dining experiences. The format used is a folder, so that the BID can insert sell sheets, recent press and other materials to “pitch” the district.

Client: Grand Street Business Improvement District

Location: East Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY
Grand Street has customer groups with starkly different characteristics and preferences. The corridor serves residents of a public housing community at one end of the district, and young singles and families at the other, who are looking for a more affordable alternative to prime Williamsburg. Retail prospects were provided to meet the needs of each of these customer groups in the categories of general merchandise, food shops, restaurants and clothing and accessories. A brochure was created for the Grand Street BID to attract appropriate investment to the corridor. The slogan “Get in on Grand” was the overarching theme of the materials – communicating to retailers that this is the place to be.


Client: Myrtle Avenue Business Improvement District

Location: Ridgewood, Queens, NY
We worked with our designer to create a tri-fold brochure accompanied by four shopper profiles to highlight the unique characteristics of the Avenue’s shoppers. The piece emphasizes opportunity for quality retailers that cater to the large population of families with young children. Each profile offers a testimonial as to why Myrtle Avenue is a great place. These serve to show prospective retailers who is shopping on the street and what the community wants.